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Back in 2014, I had been involved in doing sales internationally. I was engrossed with a challenge that I had yet to learn how to do effectively.

Team building. 

I personally could make sales and present well, and yet being able to teach others who experienced fear and lack of confidence confused me. This problem created a ceiling on what I could personally achieve monetarily.

Life happened and I found myself back in the United States sitting with a friend who asked me about my experience. Upon hearing my thoughts, feelings and story he asked, "have you ever heard of NLP?" Nope, I said. 

He asked, "are you open to whatever it takes to solve these problems?" "uh, hell to the yes," I replied. 

So I sat down with a trainer, talked about my problem and situation, and was shown how certain tools could help me coach my team out of detrimental emotional states. I was sold. 

I went to the training and got so much value that I decided to go all in. It was the begin of a lifelong journey of learning about how we as humans grow, change and evolve. 

Seeing the results we produced and adding more modalities into the picture, I began integrating all different disciplines to understand how they complement and work together to achieve dynamic results.

Now, Forrest owns and operates a treatment center that integrates NLP Philosophy, Psychiatry, Therapy, and overall Nutrition. He is Trained at the Trainers level of NLP, Quantum Time Techniques, and Hypnosis back in 2017. He's been coaching creatives like writers since 2014 to blow past mental blocks. He is on the International Board of NLP, and works with one of the largest NLP Training Companies in the world as a Master Coach.

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